Why #DumpDeVos?

By now, it should be pretty damn obvious that education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos is unqualified for the job. From admitting to being “unsure” about federal education laws that protect students with disabilities to having no understanding of how to measure student educational growth, DeVos really put on a show of incompetence during her confirmation hearing.


If you missed the hearing, here’s a little more info about why we think Betsy DeVos is a really, really awful pick for our education secretary, and bad for #youngAmerca:

DeVos has not supported public schools.

DeVos strongly supports a privatized, “free-market” educational system, and has worked throughout her life to privatize the public school system in Michigan. In 1993, she helped pass a bill in Michigan, which redirects public money away from public schools toward private schools. As millions of students nationwide depend on public schools, we need a Secretary of Education who prioritizes investing in our public schools to ensure these students’ full access to affordable and equitable education.

DeVos has not prioritized quality of education.

DeVos has consistently opposed Michigan legislation that creates oversight and standards for failing schools, public and private. In Detroit, this lack of oversight had a dire effect on the city’s public school system, according to an investigation by the Detroit Free Press.

The Secretary of Education’s responsibilities include “developing regulations to assure school accountability, improve education outcomes, and protect students and taxpayers.” Given the Detroit example (wasteful spending, schools with poor academic records, school staff using their positions to profit off of deals for themselves, and a lack of transparency in the use of taxpayer money) we have reason to be concerned about the quality of our nation’s education if DeVos is confirmed.

DeVos is uniquely unqualified. 

DeVos’ only education-related experience consists of raising money and serving as a board member for existing educational organizations. She has never taught or administrated in a school, nor developed curricula. She’s never even studied pedagogy—her B.A. is in political science and business administration. Basically, she’s more of a lobbyist than an educator—someone who’s unfit to develop federal education policy.

DeVos also lacks experience with higher education. We don’t even know what she thinks about higher education or student debt because she has no experience or public record in the space. Considering the Secretary of Education is in charge of overseeing our trillion-dollar student loan system amid a growing student debt crisis, this is troubling.


Tell your Senator to reject Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary. You can either:

  • email or Tweet your Senator HERE, OR
  • call your Senator using this number: 855-976-3618

It really works! After thousands contacted their legislators over the past weeks, Senate ordered an extension on DeVos’ review process. (This means we’ve got a little more time consistently badger our legislators into rejecting DeVos.)

It’s now or never, young Americans. Time to use your voices—this one really matters for our future.

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