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What is AYA?

Everyone should be heard. It's our turn.

The Association of Young Americans (AYA) is a non-partisan membership-based organization that works to insert the voices of the 80 million Americans between ages 18 to 35 into everyday politics.

AYA works for young people. Together, we're holding those we elect accountable and keeping them focused on creating the future we want. Engage with your legislators, on the issues most important to you.

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The Issues We Face

Student Debt

Education Reform β€”

Investing in our future investing in education. Students and families must be protected from scam schools and have adequate information. Those with student debt should be granted the same protections that borrowers of other debts have, like being able to discharge it through bankruptcy and the opportunity to refinance.

Political Equality

Political Equality β€”

Political equality means equal say in our government, not just a say for those who can afford it. Political equality means changing a system that enables the less than 3% of the population who donate to political campaigns to select candidates we can choose from. Political equality means transparency in government.

Climate Change

Climate Change β€”

The planet matters to us, because it's our planet. It's the only one we've got. We care about ensuring our water is safe to drink and our air is safe to breathe. Safe for everyone. Young Americans have to live on this planet for a long time, and we intend to fight to ensure it is safe for us, our kids and grandkids.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice β€”

There are 2.2 million people behind bars in the U.S., compared to 500,000 just 30 years ago which disproportionately affects people and communities of color. Quite simply, mass incarceration needs to end. We must work to rebuild trust between police forces and the communities they serve and create a police force that unquestionably work to protect people.


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"It is important to encourage and empower the next generation to pick up that torch."

β€” Kevin J. Donnellan, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, AARP

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The Numbers So Far

1,435 young people committed to taking political action

$42,520 to give young people control of their future

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