Action Reports

May 13, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: House Funding Bill and Student Loan Interest Rates

Week of May 6-10 House Proposes Historic Higher Ed Increases in Funding Bill: Last week, House Appropriations Committee marked up and passed the fiscal year 2020 LHHS-Education funding bill and approved all 12 subcommittee spending levels, known as the 302(b) allocations, which include $189.9 billion (6% increase above FY19) for the LHHS-Ed subcommittee. The allocations […] Read More →

March 18, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: Busy Week for Higher Ed on Capitol Hill

Despite taking a few months to settle into their new offices, get acquainted with Capitol Hill, and wrapping up a heated fiscal year 2019 funding battle, Congress was very active this week in addressing higher education issues. Altogether, there were three higher education hearings, a few pieces of legislation, and a Capitol Hill briefing hosted […] Read More →

January 16, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: What’s Up With the Department of Ed’s Neg Reg?

In addition to spending the first two years trying to dismantle regulations that protect student borrowers and hold institutions accountable for providing a valuable education, the Department of Education’s latest efforts include gutting rules regarding accreditation that would weaken oversight and accountability. Because it remains funded and operational despite other agencies being shut down, the […] Read More →

January 4, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: New Year, New Congress

Freshmen Sworn in Under Government Shutdown: For the first time in history, a new crop of freshmen in Congress was sworn in on January 3rd during a partial government shutdown­­––one which may become the longest on record. As Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) again took the reins as Speaker of House of Representatives, now controlled by Democrats, […] Read More →

November 7, 2018

From Your Lobbyist: What the Election Results Mean for Higher Ed

Here what we think will change in the Higher Education world as a result of the Midterms Elections. As your lobbyist, I am extremely proud of every single one of you, no matter what side of the aisle you are on, for being the best possible advocates for yourselves and going to the polls in […] Read More →

August 30, 2018

Comment on Borrower Defense Rule

​On July 25th, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposed changes to the “Borrower Defense Rule”. The changes would make it more difficult for students to obtain financial relief after being defrauded by predatory for-profit colleges. The draft rule is a clear signal from the Department of Education that they are more interested in protecting for-profit institutions […] Read More →

August 28, 2018

From Your Lobbyist: Higher Ed Funding Update

Senate passes funding bill before government shutdown deadline, House needs to Act soon For the first time in 11 years, the Senate, on August 24th, brought to the floor and passed its Labor-HHS-Education funding bill as part of a minibus that also included the defense spending bill––all before the government shutdown deadline of September 30th. […] Read More →

July 17, 2018

From Your Lobbyist: Federal Funding Process and Update

What is the federal funding process? Every year Congress must enact a series of funding bills to keep the government open and provide funding for federal programs, including higher education programs like Pell Grants and work study programs. This cycle is known as the appropriations process and begins each year in February with the President’s […] Read More →

June 22, 2018

AYA Meets with House Members to Save PSLF Program

On June 13th, AYA met with 7 members of the House Education and the Workforce Committee to talk about preserving the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program in the PROSPER Act. The PSLF program makes college more affordable by forgiving the student loan debt of individuals who have served ten years in qualifying public service […] Read More →

May 23, 2018

AYA letter to Congress: Save PSLF

On May 23rd, AYA joined dozens of other organizations in penning a letter to Congress, urging them to preserve Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. The proposed PROSPER Act proposes to eliminate the program, which promises student loan forgiveness after 10 years of on time payments and work in qualifying public service jobs. The program enables […] Read More →

May 10, 2018

AYA Tells Congress to Fund Higher Ed. Programs

On May 9th, AYA lobbyist Ally Bernstein drafted and sent letters to both the House and Senate on behalf of AYA and our members, urging them to fund programs that address higher education affordability and accessibility. Specifically, we encourage members to fund Pell grant expansion, as well as programs that help first generation students, low-income […] Read More →


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