Action Reports

January 17, 2020

From Your Lobbyist: House Blocks BD Rule, Warren to Cancel Loans

Week of Jan 13-17 Despite the intense advocacy of the national education groups, dozens of consumer and student groups, and AYA from 2018-2019 against the Trump Administration’s rewrite of the borrower defense rules, the Department’s new rules are set to effect July 1, 2020. To stop these rules, which would make it harder for defrauded […] Read More →

December 13, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: House and Senate Advance Major Policies

Week of Dec. 9-13 Despite a lot of the national attention on the ongoing impeachment proceedings, this week proved that, indeed, Congress can walk and chew gum––as it was a jam-packed week of higher ed policymaking and hearings. Over the last week, the House and Senate advanced legislation that would permanently reauthorize HBCU funding and […] Read More →

November 25, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: Support for Higher Ed Bill, Federal Funding Extended

Week of Nov 18-22 Bipartisan Higher Ed Bill Draws Support, Federal Funding Extended to Dec 20th While comprehensive Higher Education Act reauthorization remains stalled in the Senate, one aspect of Higher Education Act regulations – the so-called 90/10 rule – may see an upgrade thanks to the introduction this week of bipartisan Senate legislation. Under […] Read More →

November 1, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: College Affordability Act Passes Committee, House Floor Next

Week of Oct. 25-Nov. 1 Despite the city’s exuberance over the Washington Nationals’ World Series victory on Wednesday night (go Nats!) and the distraction of the ongoing impeachment proceedings, important work on education policy actually occurred in Washington this week. After a three-day mark-up in which over 50 amendments were considered, the Democratic led House […] Read More →

October 18, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: AYA Endorses the College Affordability Act

Week of Oct. 14-18 College Affordability Act Unveiled and AYA Proudly Endorses This Awesome Piece of Legislation! Earlier this week after months of anticipation, the House Education & Labor Committee chaired by Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) finally unveiled legislation that would overhaul the higher education system by reauthorizing the Higher Education Act. Entitled “The College […] Read More →

October 1, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: HELP Committee and the Government Stays Open

Week of September 23-27 Chairman of Senate HELP Committee Releases Package of Higher Ed Bills: Despite the impeachment inquiry news sucking the air out of DC, it was a slow education news week. That is until, on Thursday, Senate HELP Committee Chair Lamar Alexander (R-TN) introduced a package of eight previously introduced and bipartisan bills, […] Read More →

September 6, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: Back to School, Back to Congress

Week of September 3-6 After a long 5-week hiatus this summer, Congress returns to session next week and passing the federal funding bills will be the only thing on everyone’s minds. When it returns next week, Congress only has 13 legislative days to pass all 12 appropriations bills before government funding runs out on September […] Read More →

June 21, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: Funding Bill Passes House and Bankruptcy Hearings

Week of June 17-21 House Passes FY20 Funding Bill: While not much action occurred in the Senate regarding higher education, the House was the center of gravity on federal education policy this week. After a little more than a week of debate and floor amendments, the House of Representatives approved a spending package, which included […] Read More →

May 31, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: Congress is in Recess, AYA is not

Week of May 27-31 Back in the district: So, what does it mean when Congress is in recess? Does it mean they are back home resting on their laurels? Nope not quite––it means that while no official business is being conducted while Congress is out of session, elected officials are back in their districts during […] Read More →

May 13, 2019

From Your Lobbyist: House Funding Bill and Student Loan Interest Rates

Week of May 6-10 House Proposes Historic Higher Ed Increases in Funding Bill: Last week, House Appropriations Committee marked up and passed the fiscal year 2020 LHHS-Education funding bill and approved all 12 subcommittee spending levels, known as the 302(b) allocations, which include $189.9 billion (6% increase above FY19) for the LHHS-Ed subcommittee. The allocations […] Read More →


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