The Issues

Expand Employee Student Loan Repayment Benefits!

The CARES Act has enabled employers to pay up to $5,250 of employees’ student loans tax-free through the end of this year. Help us urge Congress to expand this benefit and make it a permanent part of our tax code!

Cancel Student Debt

Including student debt cancellation in the 4th COVID-19 Stimulus Bill would support struggling young people and boost the economy during this crisis. Join us in urging Congress to #CancelStudentDebt next COVID-19 Stimulus package!

Tell your Reps: We need a rent freeze.

Tell your Reps to enact a national, 90-day rent moratorium to provide economic stability to struggling young people and help keep them safe and healthy in their homes.

Youth-led debate!

Sign the petition to call for a youth-led 2020 presidential primary debate, moderated by young Americans and focused on issues that matter to us.

Tell your reps: Support the Green New Deal!

The Green New Deal is finally here. It provides a detailed plan for the U.S. to swiftly become carbon-neutral, while ensuring a fair & just transition for communities and workers. Tell your reps to support!

No More Shutdowns!

President Trump has announced that he will end the longest shutdown in U.S. history–but only temporarily. The deal Trump signed funds the government for three weeks while lawmakers continue negotiations over his request for funding The Wall. 800,000 federal workers were without pay for 35 days. While those federal workers will ultimately be paid for […]

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