AARP In Support of AYA

AARP supports AYA for three important reasons.  First, AARP has a long legacy – dating back almost 60 years – of working to make life better for ALL as we age.  Not just older Americans but all Americans.  Our founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, a trailblazer in her own right, said “what we do for one, we do for all.”

Second, AARP members tell us that they are deeply concerned about their legacy.  Our members care about the kind of world they leave their children and grandchildren.  Our members vote and are champions on the issues that impact people over 50 and their families.  They believe it is important to encourage and empower the next generation to pick up that torch.

And third, as AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins recently wrote in her nationally best-selling book Disrupt Aging, we must all challenge outdated beliefs and sparks new solutions so more people can choose how they want to live and age – at any age.  We strongly believe that age discrimination is wrong at any age.  Younger Americans should not let age, false assumptions, and broken systems stand between them and their real possibilities.

— Kevin J. Donnellan, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, AARP 

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